Are Designer Sunglasses Worth the Money?

Are Designer Sunglasses Worth the Money?

There are some people who only every buy designer shades. Then there are those who will actively look for discount sunglasses because they do not believe that it is worth paying such a high price for what is, effectively, a fashion accessory. But are they right to think this way? Are sunglasses purely for fashion? Not so, according to the experts at Olympic Eyewear. 

The reality is that the main purpose of a pair of sunglasses has always been to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Over the years, they have become popular as a fashion accessory and are used to transform both casual and formal outfits by celebrities and ordinary folk alike. But they remain important in terms of protecting the eyes. So, should you go for the more expensive designer frames, or will a discount pair of sunglasses do the job? 

Are Designer Sunglasses Better than Discounted Sunglasses? 

When asking whether designer sunglasses are better than their discounted equivalents, there are a number of things to take into consideration. For example, you might want to know if designer sunglasses will offer more protection from the sun’s harmful rays than a cheaper pair will. The answer is… not necessarily. The price of a pair of sunglasses does not indicate its ability to protect the eyes from UV rays. 

Both designer and discounted sunglasses should have lenses equipped with full UV protection. When buying sunglasses, you should look for the mark or label that says, ‘full UV protection’, ‘100% UV protection’, or ‘UV400 protection’. All of these are an indication that the shades will provide the maximum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. 

Another question you might want answered is whether you will see better with a pair of designer sunglasses. Visual contrast typically comes from the color of the lenses and what type of coating is used. So you might find that you experience clearer vision with a pair of designer shades that has premium coatings on the more expensive glass. With designer sunglasses, you can also expect additional features such as scratch-resistant glass, which will mean they last longer. 

Perhaps the biggest difference between a pair of designer sunglasses and a discounted pair is in the quality of the materials used to make the frame. Discounted sunglasses tend to be made from lower quality materials to keep the price down. This means that a pair of designer sunglasses will typically last longer than a discounted pair. However, this depends on more than just the material they have been made from. After all, a designer pair of sunglasses will not last for long if you don’t take care of them. 

What to Consider

The choice of buying designer or discounted sunglasses usually comes down to preference and budget. If you are fashion conscious, you may be more likely to want a designer pair that will enhance your street cred. If you are not bothered about designer gear, you might balk at the price of some of these expensive shades. 

Since you can get full eye protection from both designer and discounted sunglasses, what it really comes down to is whether you want to pay the extra price or not. Yes, designer sunglasses are made from higher quality materials (for the most part) designed to last longer and they often provide clearer vision. A discounted pair will also provide full protection for the eyes and can last just as long if taken care of properly. 

To conclude, designer sunglasses are not necessarily better than discounted shades, so whether they are worth the price is a matter of personal opinion.