Do Your Sunglasses Make You Look Better?

Do Your Sunglasses Make You Look Better?

History seems to suggest that sunglasses were originally designed for function only. Eye protection was the key. How we view sunglasses in the modern era suggests the game has changed. Sunglasses are now as much about fashion and aesthetics as eye protection. This leads to a rather interesting question: do your sunglasses make you look better?

It is a legitimate question given that nearly every pair of sunglasses these days offers UV protection. UV protection is so universal that it is actually hard to find a quality pair that doesn’t offer it. So with the eye protection question out of the way, we are left with aesthetics.

Making You Look Better

Sunglasses and aesthetics are a very personal thing. What you think looks good on your face might not look as good on someone else’s face. Likewise, just because the world’s best-known fashion models are sporting a specific style doesn’t mean that style will look good on you.

So what’s the deal? How can you know which sunglasses actually make you look better? It’s easy. Decide for yourself. You ultimately have to look at yourself in the mirror; you are the only judge of what looks good on you. That said, there are a number of ways that a good pair of sunglasses could improve your look:

1. Enhancing Facial Symmetry

One of the things that draws us to a person’s face is symmetry. The more symmetrical the face, the more attractive it is perceived to be. A good pair of sunglasses can mask those slight imperfections in symmetry. Furthermore, certain eyewear shapes can enhance asymmetry by complementing what nature has already provided. That is why there are so many posts describing which kinds of sunglasses work best with different face shapes.

2. Covering Wrinkles and Eye Bags

Nature runs its course. As we age, wrinkles and eye bags are inevitable. But why let everyone know you are in your early 50s when you can make them think you’re not a day over 35? A well-chosen pair of wayfarers can do wonders for covering wrinkles and eye bags. Their trapezoidal shape is ideal for this sort of thing.

As an added benefit, sunglasses go a long way toward preventing squinting in bright sunlight. That is good in the sense that squinting can increase the likelihood of developing crow’s feet. Reduce how frequently you squint and you should slow down the onset of crow’s feet.

3. Concealing Your Emotions

A well-known fashion designer who shall remain nameless for this post always wear sunglasses in order to hide her emotions. She doesn’t want anyone else knowing what she’s thinking or feeling. Sunglasses do the trick in that they put a cover over what we frequently refer to as the ‘window to the soul’. Hiding your emotions might improve your aesthetic if you are prone to emotional responses society generally considers unattractive.

No Need to Hide

It is possible that a good pair of sunglasses could make you look better. But Olympic Eyewear, a Salt Lake City company that designs and sells dozens of designer eyewear brands, encourages customers not to hide behind their shades. Sunglasses are fantastic tools for protecting the eyes and adding a bit of style and panache to one’s look. But hiding behind them as a way to pretend you are someone you’re not isn’t a good idea.

Nature has given you a wonderful face regardless of what others might think. You are who you are and no one else. Be proud of that. Use your sunglasses as an accessory to nature, not a substitute for it.

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