Fashion Styles That Go Viral on TikTok and Instagram

Fashion Styles That Go Viral on TikTok and Instagram

Fashion Styles That Go Viral on TikTok and Instagram

Since the rise of social media TikTok and Instagram, various types of aesthetic fashion styles have emerged among young people. Starting from the extreme to the cute, these various aesthetic styles are a big picture of the interest of today’s young people in the fashion world.

Lately, TikTok has become one of the social media that is widely used by the public. Lots of interesting and creative content was created by TikTok content creators. Starting from recipes, life, and hacks, tips, and tricks, to content about women’s fashion can be found easily. Of course, this content can provide benefits and inspiration for the people who watch it.

Fashion style inspiration

Just look at the content of women’s fashion that can be used as inspiration by fashion lovers. The fashion content creators on TikTok also have their own characteristics. Not infrequently other people follow and re-create the fashion style, one of the styles that are trending on TikTok “Soft girl” or “Softgirl”

As the name implies, this soft girl fashion style tends to highlight the feminine side that seems warm. This women’s fashion style is perfect for those of you who like pastel clothes. Not infrequently there are also those who use floral-patterned clothes with cheerful nuances to follow the fashion trend of this woman called a soft girl. In addition, the soft girl style trend also often uses accessories such as hair clips that leave a sweet impression on the appearance.

This soft girl aesthetic style is usually dominated by soft pastel colors to create a romantic impression. Cardigans, knitted vests, and pleated skirts are their mainstay. It’s even more perfect if it comes with a baguette bag and cute statement sunnies.

It turns out that soft girl is also a popular aesthetic on TikTok and Tumblr. Usually, Softgirl posts activities in the bedroom in slightly grunge outfits while the accessories are cute, pink, creative hairdos, and super girly makeup.

You could say, here, a soft girl is a happy side between VSCO girl and e-girl (e-girl is considered like emo in 2020). To be a soft girl you need lots of pinks! Provide lots of accessories, furniture, clothes, even pink hair if you want. Also, use all-pink makeup plus glossy lips.

Wear clothes that are slightly oversized, such as jackets or sweaters. Just imagine Ariana Grande! She is the inspiration of softgirl. You can also be creative with your makeup tools. Make your makeup look very cute, cheerful, but still have a unique touch of grunge/punk style with an ultra-cute vibe.

Hair Accessories and Makeup

“Soft girl” or “Softgirl” Anyone who uses the TikTok and Instagram apps has probably heard of this term. Someone whose style is heavily influenced by the aesthetics of popular social media and Harajuku fashion. These include pastel colors, lots of standout accessories, and sparkling, glittery makeup. They refer to the lifestyle, clothes, and makeup that make users stand out in their publications on social networks.

It’s interesting to see how this trend has gone beyond just the aesthetics of social media, but is also an everyday trend embraced by GenZ & Millennials.

Soft girls love to style their hair with adorable clips, bobby pins, and headbands. Sometimes by placing it on each side of the temple up to their entire head. Because there’s no such thing as too many bobby pins – they sometimes get even more creative by putting them in the pockets of their jeans, too.

Soft girls like e-girls like to use their makeup more than the normative way. They stylishly draw hearts and stars around their faces. Some add small freckles to their cheeks to make them look more adorable and girly. Blush pink This gives them a very radiant and youthful look. It’s like their brand color and they’re really good at it. A super glossy finish on the lips is a must for this look! A subtle shimmer blended with pink.