Rock Pros Landscape Supply | Lincoln, CA

Rock Pros Landscape Supply | Lincoln, CA

Rock Pros Landscape Supply | Lincoln, CA

Rock Pros Landscape Supply is a sand, flagstone and soil supplier located in Lincoln California. They offer comprehensive landscape supply services to assist anyone. Whether you’re completing a small residential project or an extensive commercial project, they can help with your needs. Below are just some of their many product offerings which range from high-quality materials for landscaping projects of any size including:


The sand we provide for utility purposes is typically not used in decorative projects such as paving, but may be utilized in pipe bedding and paver bases where a distinctive finish is necessary. Plaster Sand can also be used if the purpose of your project doesn’t require that particular aesthetic. Mason Sand comes with its own distinct color which makes it ideal to use on water access points or volleyball courts due to their sensitivity towards traction when wet; while making concrete borders outside lawns more attractive by adding a touch of white against dark green grasses growing around them.


Rock Pros Landscape Supply is your one-stop shop for flagstone of all colors and textures. Choose from Ebony Black, Oregon Eagle, Quartzite (heat treated sandstone), Sandstone or Slate to complete any landscape project in a style that suits you best!


We have all the soils you need for any project. Our sand and gravel are perfect to build a sandbox, while screen topsoil will help grow trees or other plants in your yard. The 50/50 blend is great if you want soil that drains well but still has good moisture levels, which is why it’s ideal for gardening with flowers! Grower’s Blend not only provides rich organic matter; it also creates optimal growing conditions for our gardens by maintaining high nutrient content.

With the friendly guidance of knowledgeable Rock Pros Landscape Supply, you can achieve your landscaping dreams without even breaking a sweat. Best of all, we’ll help you do it on an affordable budget! Come visit us in Lincoln and be one with the pros today.

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