Good Looking People Have Better Lives

Good Looking People Have Better Lives


Good Looking People Have Better Lives

Nobody ever said that this world is fair. And if anyone ever did, then I’m afraid you’ve been lied to. This world is one of the most unfair and nastiest places imaginable. People say that Finland is “more fair” than the other countries. But I’m afraid it’s only slightly less unfair.

Good looking people have an advantage.

It’s true

Studies have shown, people who are better looking are going to have advantages that most of us will never actually have in our lives. They’re more likely to be given job, people are more likely to trust them, they’ll make more money, they’ll have an easier time finding a partner, they’ll make friends more easily, and almost all retailers will treat them with less suspicion.

And this isn’t just me saying this. Multiple studies have shown that good looking people will be given an easier life, and get further without having to work as hard.

Why is it?

The reasons why this is are unknown, but a key reason is likely to be evolution. In the days when we used to live in caves (which from an evolutionary perspective is not very long ago at all), we had to make sure that we were choosing partners who could bare the next generation. And the men had to be strong so that they would be able to go out and hunt, and fight of tigers and other tribes.

Because of this, we are more likely to give preferential treatment to those who would have been more likely to survive in the caves.

You’re (probably) ugly

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you’re probably ugly. I’m not saying you’re hideous and I cannot bear to look at you. But only about 1% of us are evolutionarily attractive.

If you are in this tiny group, congratulations!

For the rest of us however, we’ll just have to do things the hard way. We’ll need to get further in our jobs by putting in the extra hours, earn peoples trust by behaving is a polite and respectable manner, and we’ll have to make people love us for what’s on the inside.

There is hope!

But just because you’re ugly doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you. Because even if your physical features aren’t too great, you can still wear clothes that make the most out of what you’ve got. Can make people look at you, and admire the way they look.

The clothing website Zaful Fashion can offer you a stunning variety of clothes that can make even the most average of us look as though we’ve some kind of Instagram influencer.

Their clothes aren’t going to turn you into Kendal Jenner but they are going to help.

Finding clothes

If you want to find a clothing store that can give you an outfit to make everyone swoon over you, then check out Suomiarvostelut! This is a website based upon reviews. When you use an online shop, you can leave a review to let the whole of Finland know what you think.