Tips for Choosing the Right Holster

Tips for Choosing the Right Holster

Tips for Choosing the Right Holster

If you carry a weapon, whether it is concealed or not, you have probably spent a lot of time choosing your firearm. You may have rented different handguns at firing ranges to see what works best for you. However, you should also spend this kind of time choosing your holsters, especially if they are for concealment. These are some tips for finding the right holster.

Focus on Comfort

If your holster is not comfortable, you are unlikely to carry it regularly. Therefore, try out several holsters, such as different Fobus holsters. Test the weight, position and comfort level. Avoid options that dig into your skin or muscle. Make sure they feel secure and have proper clips or straps to keep them secure without making them too tight or too loose.

Choose Quality

You have probably seen holsters that are made to accommodate a number of weapons. You may even have seen options made from different materials. However, with holsters, quality is paramount. Choose a holster made specifically for your weapon. This will ensure that it keeps your weapon secure. For many people, leather designates quality, and although leather holsters are high-quality, they do require regular maintenance. You also shouldn’t get leather wet, and it will eventually stretch. However, you will get years of wear out of it. You may also consider a Kydex or carbon fiber holster. The key is to choose the highest quality holster that you can afford.

Ensure Proper Retention

Find a holster that will hold your weapon securely. There should be no shifting when you bend, run or otherwise move. However, you also don’t want the holster to be too tight because it will be difficult to draw. Some holsters offer retention adjustment options. You need to be able to pull and reholster your weapon smoothly.


The holster should also cover your trigger guard completely without pushing any material inside it to prevent misfiring. Make sure the trigger guard does not require that you change your grip when drawing or reholstering your weapon. Make sure you can also carry concealed with your holster.

Choose your holsters carefully. They are just as important as the type of gun you choose.