What is Hair Dyeing?

What is Hair Dyeing?

What is Hair Dyeing?

Hair dyeing is the process of changing your hair colour to another colour using colouring agents to achieve the purpose. People dye their hair for various reasons such as covering grey hair, fashion and style. For whatever reason you want to dye your hair, you have to consider the kind of colouring agents to use for your hair.

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The Various Types of Dyes

There are several types of dyes, and the one you may use may depend on the duration of time you want the colour to last. There are few online stores like Born Borg that will give you all you want in a fashion store to stay trendy. You can find the different type of dyes which include:

1.    Temporary dyes

If you want to change the colour of hair temporarily, then you can apply these temporary dyes that can be easily washed off with water. They usually last for a day or two, commonly used by musicians and actors for a quick role play.  These temporary dyes come in the form of rinses, gel, mousses and sprays, and you can apply these dyes yourself with no technical skills needed.

2.    Semi-Permanent dyes

The semi-permanent dyes come in the form of liquid, gel and aerosol forms, which penetrates deeper into the shaft, unlike the temporary colours. Also, they do not wash off easily with water, which ensures they stay longer on the hair. If you want to change your hair to a colour that will last longer for fashionable reasons, then you should use a semi-permanent dye. If you’re going to hide your grey hairs, you can also use this type of dyes, although they may not last longer than the permanent ones.

3.    The Permanent dyes

Their permanent dyes do come mixed with hydrogen peroxide, and they go deeper to the hair roots. You will start losing the dyed hair when your colour when the new hair starts growing from the root. Applying the permanent dyes may need some technical skills and you may not be able to use it by yourself. This type of dye is suitable to cover grey hair for they last longer.

4.    The Gradual dyes

The gradual or popularly known as progressive dyes are applied gradually daily until the hair becomes thoroughly dyed. These dyes, when used, bind the hair together with compounds, and this darkens the hair gradually till it completely changes. Using this kind of dye will keep the colour longer, and they cannot be easily washed or rinsed by water.

Before, you dye your hair; you have to determine the reason for applying the dye, which will further define the type of dyes to use. Get the dyes and professional help from experts in the fashion industry in applying these dyes to your hair.